Richard Feynman Animated

Here’s a little personal animation I’ve been working on.. Based on an audio clip from the late great Richard Feynman, a hero of mine, who’s been enjoying a new cult status on the internet of late..

Richard Feynman Animation from Brian Eyre on Vimeo.

Original BBC Clip:

feynman notKnowing – inspiration for animated clip from Brian Eyre on Vimeo.


My Spidey Shots!

I had the privilege of working with a great team of people at Sony Imageworks Vancouver on The Amazing Spiderman. Here’s my contribution to the movie, which is just out. Go and see it!

TAS – Medley of Shots from Brian Eyre on Vimeo.


New Sketch Blog page

I have some time to burn here In Vancouver, so I’m availing of the opportunity to take some daily life drawing classes. Check out the results of this endeavor on my new sketch blog page… I’m hoping it’ll document a gradual improvement over time!


Legend of the Guardians Animation Reel

Here are the bulk of the shots I animated for Legend of the Guardians. I should note that I used some pre-existing cycles for the base motion in the two flying shots (cave chase sequence and final ‘Nyra’ shot). Also, the wide shot of the ‘Sea of Hoolamere’ is added to provide context and is not my work.


Cosmetic changes in progress…

Apologies for the sudden change in appearance of my site.. I’m experimenting with different template styles, and have only been able to do so sporadically due to the current workload at Weta – it’s Rise of the Apes crunch time!

Sketches, and a very much updated reel to come soon…


Legend of the Guardians – The Owls of Ga’Hoole Trailer!

In case you missed it,  here is the trailer for the film I’m currently working on..  now in the final stages of production, so it’s busy busy busy.  I for one can’t wait to be able to see the entire movie up on the big screen in all its feathered three-dimensional glory.   Enjoy!

YouTube Preview Image


Hello Sydney!

About time for another post methinks..  I recently arrived in Sydney to work at Animal Logic on ‘Guardians of Ga’ Hoole’, an exciting feature project, and my first gig away from Blighty –  about as far away as it’s possible to get!


I arrived here in May, and have been having lots of fun exploring the sights, both architecturally (see iconic structure above) and aquatic. Since it’s the season for such things, my girlfriend and I went whale-watching off the coast and saw some truly spectacular sights. There were more humpbacks than you can shake a stick at – breaching and flipping and all the rest of it.  I was very thankful to have a rapid-fire mode on my SLR!


Kangaroos coming up, here’s hoping!


And there’s more…

Yes, I guess it’s high time I added some new content! I took my sketchbook and pencil down to London Zoo again recently and here are some of my efforts. You can’t beat the pelican enclosure for a bit of light entertainment, especially at feeding time. Hopefully I’ve managed to convey some of his obvious satistfaction at having just consumed a particularly tasty piece of mackerel…



I’ve always been fascinated by the reptile enclosure – How the tables have turned since dinosaurs ruled the earth, and our rodent-like forbears were scurrying around in the undergrowth. Now it’s they who are almost impossible to spot amongst bits of wood and foliage. Here’s an iguana that I managed to sneak up on.

iguana head_right-view


Iguana head left-view

Afterwards I popped along to the British Museum. This Nigerian terracotta head caught my attention, largely due to the way the light was catching it. I hope to do some more studies of sculptures – this one stayed completely still for over half an hour…


British Museum Terracotta Head




Well, here we are… My very first coherent post!! I decided to pop over to London Zoo last weekend equipped with a shiny new sketchbook and a variety of drawing implements (pencils and grey marker-pens mainly), in an attempt to improve my drawing skills. Here are some of the results:


I like Lamas.. sure they have that comical appearance, but what’s really impressive is that they seem to have a firm grasp of posing techniques. This one sat still long enough for me to get some shading in.


Is this a donkey or an ass? I really ought to have looked at the blurb on the little placard… He looks a bit more cheerful here than in real life, but what the heck.

Bearded Pig

These are called bearded hogs, and hopefully you can just about make out why. This one was half asleep, peering suspiciously at me from the corner of it’s eye – more used to cameras perhaps. Again, the fact that this guy was sitting still was a bonus. Getting the hang of the more mobile subjects is going to take more practice methinks! Watch this space…