Well, here we are… My very first coherent post!! I decided to pop over to London Zoo last weekend equipped with a shiny new sketchbook and a variety of drawing implements (pencils and grey marker-pens mainly), in an attempt to improve my drawing skills. Here are some of the results:


I like Lamas.. sure they have that comical appearance, but what’s really impressive is that they seem to have a firm grasp of posing techniques. This one sat still long enough for me to get some shading in.


Is this a donkey or an ass? I really ought to have looked at the blurb on the little placard… He looks a bit more cheerful here than in real life, but what the heck.

Bearded Pig

These are called bearded hogs, and hopefully you can just about make out why. This one was half asleep, peering suspiciously at me from the corner of it’s eye – more used to cameras perhaps. Again, the fact that this guy was sitting still was a bonus. Getting the hang of the more mobile subjects is going to take more practice methinks! Watch this space…