And there’s more…

Yes, I guess it’s high time I added some new content! I took my sketchbook and pencil down to London Zoo again recently and here are some of my efforts. You can’t beat the pelican enclosure for a bit of light entertainment, especially at feeding time. Hopefully I’ve managed to convey some of his obvious satistfaction at having just consumed a particularly tasty piece of mackerel…



I’ve always been fascinated by the reptile enclosure – How the tables have turned since dinosaurs ruled the earth, and our rodent-like forbears were scurrying around in the undergrowth. Now it’s they who are almost impossible to spot amongst bits of wood and foliage. Here’s an iguana that I managed to sneak up on.

iguana head_right-view


Iguana head left-view

Afterwards I popped along to the British Museum. This Nigerian terracotta head caught my attention, largely due to the way the light was catching it. I hope to do some more studies of sculptures – this one stayed completely still for over half an hour…


British Museum Terracotta Head