feynmanRichard Feynman Animated Clip:

Being a fan of the late great physicist, I though it would be a fun excercise to try and reinterpret this BBC documentary clip with animation.  I tried to get as close a resemblance as possible using Josh Burton's Morpheus rig (Maya)



smurfs2Smurfs 2:

Here are some shots I animated for Smurfs 2 at Imageworks. I was lucky to have the opportunity to move back and forth between character and creature work on this show. (Maya)



guardiansLegend of the Guardians:

These are some of the shots I animated for Legend of the Guardians (Animal Logic, Sydney). I used some generic library cycles as a basis for the flying shots, adapting and re-timing as required, but otherwise I’m responsible for all of the animation (XSI)



spideyThe Amazing Spider Man:

This is a selection of the Spidey and Lizard shots I worked on for this film, again at Imageworks.(Maya)




ApesRise of The Planet of the Apes:

Some full keyframe shots I animated for ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ over at Weta. (Maya)




hp3Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban:

Here is some "Sirius Black" quadruped work I did at the Moving Picture Company. (Maya)




AvP.jpgAlien vs. Predator:

Some more work done at the Moving Picture Company. Here I animated some of the aliens and the alien queen. (Maya)





I managed to join the Tintin team at Weta right at the end of the project, having just finished on Planet of the Apes. Most of the work involved mocap tweaking, but Captain Haddock is fully keyframed in both these shots  (Maya)




I enjoyed choreographing and animating a large number of aerial combat sequences for this film while at Dneg (Maya)